Get the most of your trip and use an ITAA Travel Agent

No one loves travel as much as an ITAA Travel Agent. Use their expertise, network and exclusive access to get your best holiday to suit your budget.


  • Travel Agent = Travel Expert
  • Travel agents can find you the best deals through their network
  • Booking with a professional is convenient and saves time
  • You can talk to your travel agent in-store, by phone or online
  • Travel professionals can help with the unexpected and amend travel plans
  • No one knows more about travel documents (passports, insurance, visas)
  • Travel agents can create bespoke packages to suit you
  • Corporate travel professionals make travelling for business easy and supported
  • They can do all the work from flights, accommodation, travel documents, transfers, visas

Travel agents can find you the best deals

Travel agents are airlines’ biggest customers and can often secure prices that aren’t available to the general public. Travel Agents have routes to source better prices with airlines, resorts and cruise lines etc that cannot be found by booking direct or through DIY sites. Travellers can also benefit from added value – perks that are often included in the package price.

Experts in all travel products

Travel professionals have expertise in all travel products and have invested time and effort to ensure they know what is available to the Irish market. Travel professionals also know how to get the most out of a budget.

Cruises are becoming more popular than ever and the product choice for customers continues to grow each year. More than 80% of all cruises are booked through travel agents making them experts in all things cruise-related. Your travel advisor can share insights to ensure that you find the best fit for you.

Saves time!

DIY booking can take up a lot of time and prove overwhelming. You may think you’re getting a great deal, but this isn’t necessarily true. Travel agents also take the time (and pain) out of organising transfers or excursions meaning less stress and more success for holidaymakers.

Travel agents do all the work for you

Flights, accommodation, travel documents, transfers

Travel professionals can find the best route to suit you and can make recommendations to provide a trip perfectly tailored to your needs and wants. The personal touch of a travel agent cannot be replicated or replaced – your travel agent is at the other end of the phone at all times to tweak travel plans to suit you.

Travel protected – Help with the unexpected

Booking with a travel professional means you have assistance throughout your journey. Travellers will receive personalised attention and support if there are any hiccups along the way and will rearrange delayed or cancelled plans to get the trip back on track. Holidays are best enjoyed with peace of mind!

Travel Agent = Travel Expert

Knowledgeable and experienced, travel agents can offer advice on everything from airport hacks to the best off-the-beaten-track restaurants. They also have the inside information on the best times to visit destinations and how to get the most out of your time abroad.

Travel agents are well-versed in all travel documents and can assist you with passports, insurance and visas.


Travel agents are passionate about sharing the world with you!