ITAA responds to Malta’s requirement for Digital COVID Certificates only

21 July 2021

The Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA) has responded to the unfolding situation in Malta, where a number of Irish holidaymakers are facing quarantine despite being fully vaccinated. Authorities in Malta are accepting Digital COVID Certificates, but do not recognise HSE vaccination cards.


The ITAA has advised prospective holidaymakers to check the rules and regulations of their destination country before departure, and also to check in with their travel agent for the most up-to-date advice in international travel. The ITAA has also advised travellers to book with a licensed travel agent, as this provides added consumer protection should any issues arise.


The Association recommends checking the following websites for updates in advance of travel:



The ITAA has stated that this situation is specific to Malta, as they are currently the only European country refusing fully vaccinated travellers with HSE vaccination cards; this is not happening in other EU countries. The Association is calling on Government to liaise with Maltese authorities and issue Digital COVID Certificates to affected passengers immediately.


Paul Hackett, ITAA President stated, “To the best of our knowledge, Malta is the only EU country that is refusing to accept HSE vaccine certificates. This is a situation that can be easily and quickly rectified, if Government issue DCC’s to all affected travellers. The DCC helpline is also under-resourced, which must be addressed as international travel continues to reopen.”


Pat Dawson, ITAA CEO stated, “We are urging customers to carefully check the rules and regulations of their destination country before going on holiday and to book with a licensed ITAA travel agent for the most up-to-date advice on travel and added consumer protection. If you are unsure about anything, contact your ITAA member travel agent who will assist you with any queries you may have.”