Irish Travel Agents Association call for swift and uniform implementation of EU travel guidelines

9 June 2021

The Association has stated that with the correct EU measures in place, there should not be any further delay to restarting the travel and aviation industry.

The Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA) is calling the Irish Government and our fellow EU Member States to engage immediately with proposed EU guidelines for the safe reopening of international travel to avoid further delays in restarting the Irish travel sector. The Association has also highlighted the need for consistent, harmonised regulations for all countries within the EU to facilitate safe and secure travel for all passengers in the coming months.

Foreign travel for holidays is to be permitted in Ireland from July 19, with the European COVID-19 Certificate to be introduced on this date.  Ahead of the EU Ambassadors’ meeting on 11 June, the ITAA is calling on fellow Member States to approve the Commission’s proposal and begin the coordinated lifting of travel restrictions in the EU. The proposal was initially put forward by the European Commission on 31 May, and should restore freedom of movement within the EU if adopted and fully implemented.

The ITAA support a number of elements outlined by the proposal, particularly the elimination of tests and quarantine for fully vaccinated individuals and those who have recovered from COVID-19 and the widespread integration of Digital COVID Certificates into the travel process.

The Association also believe that Ireland and our fellow Member States should adopt a uniform approach of accepting a negative PCR test result 72 hours before arrival and 48 hours in the case of rapid antigen tests, and ensure that tests (PCR or antigen) are free or at least very affordable for travellers who need them to exercise their right to free movement.

Pat Dawson, ITAA CEO stated, “We wholeheartedly welcome a coordinated lifting of travel restrictions in Europe; after months of lockdowns, false starts and a myriad of varying measures across the EU, this proposal is very timely. We believe that the European Commission has played its part, our industry is now ready to ensure safe and responsible travel, it is now up to the Member States to act engage and swiftly implement the recommended measures. It is noted that more than one million Europeans have received the new EU Covid-19 health certificate to date from the nine EU countries which are already issuing these documents. We are calling on the remaining Member States, including Ireland, to follow suit.”

He continued, “This is an essential move to restore travellers’ confidence and reopen borders between EU countries. After restricting movements for over a year now, there is certainly a pent-up demand for travel among Irish consumers. Our member travel agents are willing and committed to provide safe and responsible travel, therefore we urge Ireland and our fellow EU Member States to act swiftly and responsibly in order to protect our industry. Customer safety and satisfaction is the number one priority for ITAA member travel agents, and we continue to work hard to get the very best deals for our valued customers.”