ITAA respond to Aer Lingus decision to close Shannon cabin crew base

19 May 2021

Dublin, 18May 2021   The Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA) has expressed disappointment at the announcement by Aer Lingus today that they plan the permanent closure of their cabin crew base in Shannon.

The ITAA has noted that the loss of jobs and the added impact on the surrounding area is a severe blow for what has already been a very difficult year for those working in the travel industry, and is indicative of the damage caused by COVID-19 on the Irish travel sector. The Association is also concerned about the implications that this move will have for other smaller airports, and the uncertainty this will create around travel for the rest of the year.

Pat Dawson, CEO of the ITAA said, “We were disappointed to hear of the permanent closure of Aer Lingus’s cabin crew base in Shannon Airport and the loss of Aer Lingus jobs in the area, as this is a further blow to our industry during these strange and difficult times. Local tourism will suffer as a result, as well as the negative implications for inbound and outbound travel from Shannon.”

He continued, “This closure has been cards since the arrival of COVID-19 in Ireland and highlights the difficulties the travel industry has been experiencing over the last year, demonstrating the need for Government support for the Irish travel industry in order to retain jobs and repair some of the damage caused by the pandemic. The Irish Travel Agents Association is calling on the Government to extend income support for the travel industry into 2022 when the public are back travelling and holidaying again.”