The Cabildo brings the tourism sector together to inform them of its plan to strengthen Tenerife as a destination – Press Release from Turismo de Tenerife 05March

9 March 2020

The island councillor and president of the Tenerife Tourism Board, José Gregorio Martín Plata, explained to local companies and organisations the many efforts being taken every day by the public company, with the aim of keeping them well informed and also to hear their concerns regarding the recent coronavirus outbreak detected on the island.

Tenerife’s councillor for Tourism, Regional Planning and Historical Heritage, José Gregorio Martín Plata, has carried out a series of meetings over the past few days – the most recent of which today– with all the representatives of the sector on the island, in order to inform them of all the communication actions planned by the Tenerife Tourism Board. This action falls within the cross-sectional contingency plan drawn up by the company in the face of the coronavirus outbreak the island is experiencing, a plan that includes both communications here in the destination itself and overseas.

Martín Plata explained that meetings have been held this week with tour operators as well as activity organisations, centres for tourist initiatives, tour guide companies, car hire companies, travel agencies and entrepreneur associations within the sector, among others, to show them the plan we have developed. A Turismo de Tenerife directors’ board meeting has also taken place, which was attended by representatives from the worlds of business, hospitality, local councils, AENA, the local port authorities and the University of La Laguna.

The councillor also added that “the meetings organised by the Tenerife Tourism Board will continue to take place on a regular basis“, adding that “the purpose is to involve the sector with the actions projected, as well as to answer their doubts, satisfy their demands for information and gather their suggestions.“ He also stated that “transparency is proving to be fundamental in this matter.“ In fact, he admitted that the company has received several messages from different national and international entities letting us know of this fact.

Martín Plata also drew attention to the intense work that is being carried out from Tenerife’s representative offices abroad (in the UK, France, Germany, the Benelux countries, Russia and the United States of America), in addition to the information being provided by the Spanish tourist offices and the main tour operators and airlines that work with the island.

Regarding this, the managing director of Turismo de Tenerife, David Pérez, added that “we have been able to verify that the general feeling of the companies is that they have neither changed their routes to the island nor have any intention of doing so, given that Tenerife is, without any doubt, a profitable destination. “

Communication with offices abroad and with companies and organisations within the sector, both local, national and international, has been maintained from the outset. Likewise, the Tenerife Tourism Board continuously monitors the daily situation in ports and airports, hotel establishments and the tourist information offices around the island.

The plan also includes the provision of an ambitious on- and offline communications campaign that will strengthen the relaunch of the destination in its primary tourist markets, and which will be followed by the new marketing plan that is currently being developed, The outline for the plan was also transmitted to the different industry representatives during the meetings mentioned above.

British citizen leaves hospital and 443 guests abandon the hotel
The British citizen who was hospitalised in Tenerife will now be discharged after twice testing negative. Meanwhile, this afternoon, another close contact of the group of five Italians who remain isolated in hospital with coronavirus COVID-19, tested positive for the virus.

With regard to the guests from the hotel in the south of Tenerife being kept under tight control, the departures have continued as planned, with a total of 443 people having left the hotel by 18:00 this evening. We must remember that the Spanish Ministry of Health insists that, for guests to leave, three conditions must be met, which are that they: continue to be asymptomatic; have tested negative for coronavirus 24 hours before their departure; and that their countries of origin guarantee a safe return journey and continue to comply with the necessary sanitary protocol when they arrive home.

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