Prof Luke O’Neill Professor of Biochemistry in the School of Biochemistry and Immunology at Trinity college Dublin joins Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late Show Friday 28th Feb 2020 for discussion on COVID 19

3 March 2020

Some interesting facts from the discussion:

  • 80% Survive; 14% will get sicker; 2-3% die. (not sure what happens to the other 3%). 
  • 95% of cases are still in China.
  • If you are Healthy and have a good immune system you will get over it.
  • Deaths from the virus are people who already have an underlining illness.
  • It’s a virus that is more detrimental to the older population.
  • Hand Sanitizers – not necessary – WASH YOUR HANDS.  Soap dissolves the virus.  The virus is made of Fat and soap dissolves it.
  • Face Masks – Only useful if you are already infected!  No use if your not infected.  The virus can also enter through the eyes!  No evidence that wearing a face mask will protect you.
  • People cancelling holidays – fear of being in quarantine not of catching the virus.  Recommended check HSE website.  Continue to travel but keep watching advise as it changes.
  • Carry on with life – remember you need to have flu like symptoms and you have been in a place where the virus has been confirmed or met someone who has had or has the virus.
  • Common Sense must prevail.

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