MSC 7 Night Western Mediteranean Fly/Cruise

MSC Divina Fly/Cruise from only €799.00 pp.

Depart 12 Nov 2020, Flights, Transfers, All Meals, Entertainment & Gratuities, Bella Experience & Free WiFi. 

Naples, Livorno, Genoa, Marseille, Barcelona, Ibiza, Naples.

Travelling with MSC Cruises means coming within reach of the best in culture, tradition and monuments that have for centuries enriched the countries of Italy, France & Spain. This cruise offers the opportunity to visit and learn about countries and peoples facing this sea and their millenary history just like ancient mariners did as they sailed from Italy.

NAPLES: One of the most spectacular bays in the world lies in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius. Visit the San Carlo Opera House and the cathedral of San Janarious, or tour the ancient ruins in the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

GENOA: Christopher Columbus hailed from Genoa “the Proud,” which enjoys one of the most illustrious maritime histories in all of Italy. It also features the largest medieval city center in Europe as well as Renaissance palaces that once enthralled Rubens and Van Dyck. From here, you can take an excursion to Milan, Italy’s vibrant epicenter of fashion, business and the arts, to feast your eyes on The Last Supper and tour the grand opera house of La Scala. Or, enjoy a trip to Portofina, the most picturesque resort on the Italian Riviera.

PALMA DE MALLORCA: Palma is a vibrant place and a world away from the heaving tourist enclaves of the surrounding bay. Finding your way around Palma is fairly straightforward once you’re in the city centre. The obvious landmark to see in Palma on your cruise holiday is the Cathedral, which dominates the Mediterranean Sea waterfront and backs onto the oldest part of the city, a cluster of alleys and narrow lanes whose northern and eastern limits are marked by the zigzag of avenues built beside – or in place of – the city walls


PRICE INCLUDES:  Return Flights, Transfers, 7 Night Highlights of the Mediterranean Cruise on board MSC Seaview, Complementary Cabin Upgrade Included, Balcony Cabin for the price of an Interior, All Meals and Entertainment, Bella Experience, Gratuities, Free WiFi on board.

Naples (Italy), Livorno (Italy), Genoa (Italy), Marseille (France), Barcelona (Spain), Ibiza (Spain), Naples (Italy).

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