ITAA respond to closure of Ryanair Holidays The Irish carrier has announced the closure of its package holiday site

15 January 2019

TRAINING DATE: 08/08/2019

Dublin, 15th January 2019 The Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA) has responded to the closure of Ryanair Holidays, the Irish carrier’s package holiday website, as of Monday, 14th January 2019.


In operation for two years, the airline’s holiday website will no longer take holiday bookings but all current bookings will be unaffected.


Pat Dawson, CEO of the ITAA said, “Selling airline seats is very different to selling a packaged holiday. While Ryanair Holidays comes to an end, the carrier’s capacity in and out of Ireland has continued to grow steadily and the airline has expanded in all airports. Many other airlines have faced similar challenges when looking to develop package holiday operations in the past.”


Dawson continued, “The new Package Holiday Directive also adds to the difficultly when selling pre-arranged or customised packaged holidays and requires expert knowledge and experience. Travel agents excel at crafting packages which focus on the individual’s needs and wants. Knowing the industry inside out and what’s available, customers will always get the best holiday and personalised booking experience from travel agents. What’s more, ITAA agents are fully bonded to ensure security and support with holiday bookings.”


The ITAA represents Ireland’s travel Industry, bringing together 100 travel agent members and 70 affiliate partners. ITAA members cover over 140 outlets in different towns and cities throughout the Republic of Ireland. All travel agent members are licensed by the Commission for Aviation Regulation and are fully bonded providing full financial protection for their customers.