A Friend in Need… ITAA Benevolent Fund

A friend in need…

Do you know of a travel trade colleague who may benefit from financial assistance provided by the

ITAA Benevolent Fund

Assistance id provided confidentially to any current or past members of the irish Travel Trade

If you do, please contact one of the Benevolent Fund Trustees:

       Audrey Headon            087 284 7067        headonaudrey@gmail.com

                    Barry Walsh             087 249 3919        barry.walsh@joewalshtours.ie

            Bepi Gaidoni             087 742 7853         bepi.gaidoni@bedtravel.ie

John Galligan             01 207 6555          john.galligan@jgt.ie

If you would like to make a contribution to the ITAA Benevolent Fund please make sure your cheque to ‘ITAA Benevolent Fund’ and post to Itaa 4th Floor, 8/9 Westmoreland St Dublin 2


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