ITAA Statement in Response to the Earthquake off the coast of Greece

21 July 2017

TRAINING DATE: 08/08/2019

Dublin, 21 July 2017  The Irish Travel Agents Association has been following the developments of the earthquake which took place in off the coast of Turkey and Greece, in the Dodecanese region, in the early hours of Friday 21st July.  The region has experienced aftershocks since the initial earthquake and predicts further shocks.


The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have said there is no indication of any Irish people being involved in the earthquake.


Kos Airport was closed this morning, but has since reopened and is operating with some delays. For those travelling in the region, we recommend that they contact their ITAA travel agent or tour operator for the latest update.


The ITAA is working with its members across Ireland to support holidaymakers in the areas affected. Tour operators are working with local authorities to assess any damage and support any Irish travellers who may require assistance.


The ITAA advises anyone in the regions affected by the earthquake to follow the advice of local authorities and their travel provider.


The ITAA will continue to monitor the situation in Greece and Turkey.


Anyone with serious concerns for Irish citizens in the area can call the Department of Foreign Affairs on  +353 1 408 2527.