ITAA concerned that Brexit could lead to higher travel costs for Irish consumers

8 June 2016

TRAINING DATE: 08/08/2019

Brexit could lead to higher travel costs for Irish consumers

ITAA travel agents express concern for their consumers in advance of UK referendum


Dublin, 8th June 2016  The Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA) has expressed concern that a Brexit could lead to increased regulations for Irish travel agents and higher travel costs for Irish consumers travelling to and from the UK and Northern Ireland.


The ITAA believes that a Brexit could jeopardise the strong travel and tourism flows between Ireland and the UK, which has been facilitated by the free movement of goods and services, investment and people across the EU.


Cormac Meehan, President of the ITAA, commented: “Due to current favourable exchange rates, there are a significant number of people from Northern Ireland who use Dublin and Knock Airports to travel abroad. A Brexit could result in additional border controls for such passengers. These boarder controls could also apply to those travelling from the Republic to airports in Northern Ireland. ”


He continued, “Brexit will also have an impact on travel agents operating across jurisdictions and particularly for those operating in boarder counties. There is a fear that increased regulation of these agencies will lead to higher consumer travel costs.”


He concluded, “This referendum will result in either the continuation of a strong and familiar relationship between the UK and Ireland or the unknown position of the UK outside the EU. For ITAA members customer service is a priority and the uncertainty of Brexit and it’s potential impact on consumer protection issues is unsettling. “


The ITAA represents Ireland’s travel Industry, bringing together 100 travel agent members and 70 affiliate partners. ITAA members cover over 140 outlets in different towns and cities throughout the Republic of Ireland. All travel agent members are licensed by the Commission for Aviation Regulation and are fully bonded providing full financial protection for their customers.