ITAA Statement on the Zika Virus

3 February 2016

TRAINING DATE: 08/08/2019

Dublin, 3rd February 2016  Following the World Health Organization’s (WHO) declaration of the Zika virus as a public health emergency of international concern, the Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA) are advising Irish citizens to take the appropriate precautions if visiting Central and South America and the Caribbean.


Pat Dawson, CEO of the ITAA said, “ITAA member agents are working closely with their airline and hotelier colleagues to minimise any inconvenience and expense to their customers, particularly pregnant women, who may wish to change their travel plans to areas affected by the Zika Virus outbreak.”


He continued, “We will continue to monitor the situation in Central and South America and the Caribbean in close partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs. The Department of Foreign Affairs has issued travel advisories for 20 countries in response to the outbreak and are working with the HSE and Irish Missions in the Americas to continually review this travel advice. We recommend that all of our customers, travelling to the affected areas, become aware of the risks of Zika Virus and follow the travel advice on Department of Foreign Affairs website.”