How to get yourself a bargain holiday

9 July 2015

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Nice item on Newstalk radio show this morning:


LISTEN: How to get yourself a bargain holiday – Newstalk


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LISTEN: How to get yourself a bargain holiday

As the summer hits and the sunshine flits in and out – teasing us with reminders of the wonders of life

out from under the cover of cloud – a lot of us will start thinking about taking a week or two away.

But what if you haven’t booked anything yet? What’s the best way to get a late bargain price trip?


Joan Scales, travel writer with The Irish Times, joined Chris and Ivan in studio this morning to offer

some tips on the best way to book a late holiday abroad without having to empty the savings fund.


One changing trend Joan discussed was the move back to travel agents, with a lot of people – who might

have been planning their breaks independently in recent years – are now turning to their travel agents

for the complete package.



“I think people begin to realise that doing it yourself can take an awful lot of time and you’re not

necessarily getting the best value,” Joan said.



“The travel agents have kind of reorganised themselves … they’re much smarter in how they do



Joan told us that Morocco and The Algarve remain viable options for a quick, affordable week in the sun,

while Greece remains a viable option despite the ongoing political and economic turmoil. One warning

though was to travel with plenty of cash – and get insurance before you go.



The best time to travel for value and trips to European cities and the US were also covered, and you can


listen to the full discussion at the link below.