Client feedback from Tunisia

30 June 2015

TRAINING DATE: 08/08/2019

Hello ITAA

Just though we would share with you a report from one of our clients who was in Tunisia with Sunway, and was flying back on Friday last.

They said they were at the pool and member of hotel staff asked them just for security reasons to go to their room, as there was an incident in some hotels nearby.  Sunway collected them from their hotel and took them to Skanes , which was away from the troubled area and treated them to dinner and drinks and then took them to the airport.

The customers said they really felt so much safer because they had a Sunway Rep to look after them, they said it really goes to show that booking a Package Holiday in this day and age is the proper way to go – you only appreciate your rep when something goes wrong.

This was a prime example as this lady said if she had gone independently she would have been very nervous to even hop in a taxi ,  but she felt safe being looked after by Sunway.