Spanish Air Traffic Control strike information.

5 June 2015

TRAINING DATE: 08/08/2019


The ITAA has received the statement below from the Spanish Tourism Office in Dublin

“Subject: ATC Industrial action

The Spanish authorities have declared a 70% coverage of workload for the Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) limited industrial action on June 8th, 10th, 12th and 14th.


This industrial action consists in two -two hour- disruption periods of normal operation on these days. This is the ATC  will reduce (up to a 30%) the work they perform from 10am to noon and 6pm to 8pm on the 8th, 10th, 12th and 14th of June.


To understand the significance of the workload coverage declared by Spanish authorities here is an example.

On June the 8th ATC operations will be:

  • 100% normal until 10:00am
  • 70% from 10:00 till 12:00  –  If the airport has 10 programmed departures in that period only 7 will take place.
  • 100% from 12:00 till 18:00 – in some airports they may be a delay because of previous disruption.
  • 70% from 18:00 till 20:00 – If the airport has 20 programmed departures in that period only 14 will take place
  • 100% from 20:00 till 24:00.


If the anounced industrial action is not called off  this will occur also on June 10th, 12th and 14th.”