Baggage chaos continues for British Airways

2 July 2014

TRAINING DATE: 08/08/2019

British Airways is warning customers it could take days before they are reunited with their bags following four days of technical issues with conveyor belts at Heathrow Terminal 5.

Intermittent problems from Thursday to Sunday meant some bags had to be processed manually and led to many passengers arriving at their destinations without their luggage.

“We are very sorry for the difficulties these faults have caused and we continue to work round the clock to re-unite remaining customers with their luggage as quickly as possible,” said BA.

“Large numbers of delayed bags have now departed from Heathrow and we have drawn up detailed plans for the remaining bags.

“The processes to repatriate baggage are complex due to security and customs regulations in each country. Given the volumes of bags and the nature of global travel, it may take several days to reunite bags with their owners.”

Passengers who are still without their bag are advised to ensure the very latest information, such as the best delivery address, is updated in their unique World Tracer delayed bag report.

BA warned that due to the volume of delayed bags, its tracker system ‘World Tracer’ is not working as it normally would be.

“Due to the instability of Terminal 5’s baggage system – and to re-flight bags back to customers as soon as possible – some bags are being sent using other methods,” it said.

“This means some of the World Tracer delayed bag reports will not be updated until our teams at airports round the world receive a bag at its destination airport. Courier services who work on our behalf to deliver the bag to the correct address are also updating the system and will endeavour to contact you to arrange a suitable delivery time.

“For customers who are travelling with several pieces of luggage, you may receive these at different times. We apologise for this situation.”

BA advised customers travelling now to carry essential items in their hand baggage where possible, in case of further problems.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 via Travelmole