Air delay redress for holidaymakers

30 June 2014

TRAINING DATE: 08/08/2019

PUBLISHED 29/06/2014|02:30

Good To Go: French air traffic controllers ended their strike

Holidaymakers whose travel plans were thrown into disarray by the latest French air traffic control strike may be entitled to compensation.

“Compensation may be payable to passengers affected by flight cancellations or long flight delays as a result of the strike action, though passengers are advised that an investigation will be required to determine this,” said the Commission for Aviation Regulation in a statement last week.

Although French air traffic controllers called off their strike last week, it always pays to know your rights when you’re stranded abroad.

When your flight is cancelled (and you’re travelling within the EU), your airline must offer you the choice between rerouting as soon as possible; rerouting at a later date at your convenience; or a refund. For those who opt to be rerouted as soon as possible, your airline must provide you with care and assistance while you wait for the alternative flight. Care and assistance includes a reasonable amount of meals and refreshments (in relation to your waiting time); hotel accommodation where an overnight stay becomes necessary; transport between the hotel accommodation and the airport; and two free telephone calls or access to email.

If your airline does not provide this care and assistance, you should make your own arrangements (within a reasonable cost) and hold on to your receipts. You should then seek a refund from your airline for the cost of those arrangements, providing copies of your receipts.

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