Post-Leaving Cert holidays on the rise

22 April 2014

TRAINING DATE: 08/08/2019



THE number of Irish teens jetting off on Leaving Cert holidays this year has increased by almost 20 per cent on 2013.

And while most are planning to have fun in the sun to unwind from study stress, travel experts have warned them to beware of rip-offs, accidents and excess partying.

Since the days of the Celtic Tiger, growing numbers of sixth-year students have been treating themselves to post-exam sun holidays. 

For many, this is the first time they have travelled abroad without their parents.


However, every year some students fall victim to crime, illness and injury.

Irish Travel Agents Association CEO Pat Dawson said bookings among Leaving Cert students are up by almost 20 per cent on last year — a sign that people have a bit more money to spend on holidays.

But he told The Star it is vitally important that students take out adequate travel insurance.

“If you spend a little more, you will get much better cover in the case that something goes wrong,” he told The Star.


For students who have yet to book their breaks away, Mr Dawson advised that they opt for package deals as opposed to ‘DIY holidays’.

“With a package deal, they are met by a travel rep at the airport and taken to their accommodation,” he said. 

“If something happens during the trip — such as falling victim to crime or an accident — this rep will be on site at all times to help the student.”

He said students could otherwise find themselves “alone and isolated” if something happens.