Decline in queries regarding airline compensation

15 October 2013

TRAINING DATE: 08/08/2019


Decline in queries regarding airline compensation

by Seán McCárthaigh, Irish Examiner

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The number of queries from air passengers about their rights to compensation as a result of cancellations and delays has decreased by 9% in the first half of 2013.


Figures published yesterday show the Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR) received 1,416 queries from airline customers over the period, which resulted in 578 formal investigations.

About 40% of complaints which resulted in probes related to flights operated by Ryanair, with a majority of these on the subject of long delays.

Aer Lingus accounted for about one quarter of such complaints, although the airline recorded more complaints in relation to cancellations than Ryanair.

Around 3% of complaints related to Aer Arann, while other airlines accounted for 30% of the total.

More than half of all complaints related to long delays, with cancellations accounting for 27% of cases. Complaints about passengers who were denied boarding represented 5% of cases, while 1% involved allegations of downgrading.

A total of 346 complaints fell within the remit of the CAR. It said it had concluded its investigation into four-fifths of complaints lodged in the first six months of the year by Oct 1 — a total of 298 cases.

More than half of these were either withdrawn, resolved directly with the airline or redress could not be obtained for the passenger.

Compensation was paid to the airline customer in 15% of cases, while passengers received either a refund of the cost of their ticket or were reimbursed expenses due to delays and cancellations in 13% of complaints.

In almost a third of cases, the airline was able to demonstrate that “extraordinary circumstances” existed and that all reasonable measures to avoid the cancellation or delay were taken.

As 232 complaints related to departures from airports located in other EU states or arrivals into airports from outside the EU, they were passed to CAR’s counterpart in the relevant country.


This story appeared in the printed version of the Irish Examiner Tuesday, October 15, 2013


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