Camino & Wellness Trip together with Complete Body Fitness (CBF) are offering a 7 night camino & wellness getaway.

The last 115km of Camino de Santiago along the famous French Way is the most popular especially for first timers. Beginning in Sarria, the walking tour takes you through the beautiful Galician scenery finishing with two nights in Santiago de Compostela.

Walking notes on The Camino Way and emergency support is available over the duration of the trip. Accommodation along the route is simple and follows the character of the area.

Complete Body Fitness will be arranging a number of evening wellness sessions as an anecdotal full stop to your wonderful day of walking.

They will of course be optional.

According to Colm Brady of CBF:

These short sessions will incorporate some gentle stretching, breathing techniques, mindfulness and an introduction to some very simple meditations!

There will be a real opportunity to reconnect with yourself in a very therapeutic & non judgemental way! You will feel calm and relaxed as a result.

A sense of wellbeing and optimism will permeate every fibre of your body as you learn how to truly let go and embrace the wonderful opportunity that the 7 day trip provides.

Full details on the daily activities are available in the itinerary section or contact us on 0469068600 or email for more information.


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